Welcome to The Far Road

Within FarRoadFashion.com are images of Necklaces that have been created by the American Designer: Ty Eckley. All of the designs are original, and the materials for these Necklaces are chosen specifically for their luster, color, and richness of presentation. In this endeavor, depth of flavor is everything. To tease and please the eye, is the primary target.

Due to the uniqueness of gemstones and ornaments we have collected from around the globe, most of the design runs are unique to 1 or 2 finished Necklaces as the end product of exploring the mix of that particular group of materials but the average number of Necklaces that result from one design run is less than 6.

An average of 15 to 20 new designs are created each year, so fresh work is usually available. Occasionally, a design will use materials that are more commonly found allowing those designs to be reconstructed in larger run quantities of up to 100 units. Some Necklaces on this site have been sold and are no longer available.

Most people do not get to travel to the many wonderful and exotic places that this planet has to offer. The Far Road hopes to bring the best of these places to you … with style.